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For each GitHub Actions workflow run, Harden-Runner monitors run-time network, file, and process events and makes runtime insights available via the StepSecurity Web App.

For all workflow runs monitored by Harden-Runner, it records the insights link in the GitHub Actions workflow execution logs.

Insight URL in logs

The following video also demonstrates how to discover the insights link on GitHub.

View Insights Page

Here is an example Insights page. The following image summarizes all capabilities on the Insights page.

Insights Summary

Let's look at each section one by one

  • The top section shows details about the workflow run. Insights Top

  • On the left side under Jobs section, you will see all executed workflow jobs. Click on a job to see runtime insights about it. Insights Left

  • Once you select a job, you will see details about the job execution:

    • A numbered list of executed steps. This should match with the workflow job definition defined in the workflow action file.
    • For each step, you will see a process monitor view of what activities happened as part of each step. This includes all network and source-code override activies by process. Insights Job
  • At the bottom, you will see a recommended policy to run Harden-Runner in Block mode. This policy includes all domains Harden-Runner observed during the workflow run. You can learn more about Block mode here. Insights Block